Explore Bunyaruguru

Enjoy a full day of exploring the breathtaking scenery of Bunyaruguru. Take a hike to twin lakes Katinda & Mirambi, or descend to the heart of the Kyangabi crater then hike back up to the rim. Take a drive down to the Kyanshama viewing point to take in the panaromic view of the great Queen Elizabeth National park. Continue on to experience Lake Kamunzuku “the transparent lake” in the middle of Imaramagambo forest, stop by Dave de cave, Kiruruma falls and close off your dayof adventure with a Kasese waragi brewing experience (Local brew)

Ibanga Escape Activities

Sundowner Farm Experience

Enjoy a guided walk through our farm with cows and goats herding around. Find your special sundowner setting at the top of the hill with scenic views of Kyanyonza villages and two dormant craters of Kacuuba and Kakunyu.

Fireplace BBQ Roasting & Kinyaruguru Traditional Dance

Sit by our warm and cozy fireplace and enjoy a delicious BBQ roast with entertainment by the Kinyaruguru locals, traditional local dance intervals and folk story telling

Game drive

Breakfast with us at leisure and transfer to Queen Elizabeth National Park to enjoy a Game drive.

The park’s diverse ecosystem of grassy savana plains, tropical forest, rivers, swamps, lakes and volcanic craters is home to an incredible abundance of wildlife. Look forward to discovering the BIG 5 in their natural habitat.

After a lunch break on our delicious packed lunch, launch into afternoon relaxation on a boat cruise across the Kazinga Channel. Here you will enjoy a variety of water birds, a school of hippos chilling by the water banks, elephants, buffaloes and waterbucks can be sighted as they stop for water on a hot day.

And by 17:00hrs you can return to Ibanga for relaxated evening by the fire.

Guided Hikes

Fancy a hike around twin crater lakes, or enjoy the high from an oxygen intoxication from the forest

Volunteer at House of Love Africa

House of love is a residential community center for orphaned & underserved children. Interact and join them for a fun day of bead and craft making, dancing and fun games.


If all you want to do is is lush in the water and have ice cold cocktails handed to you.

Sport fishing​

Have you ever experienced the joy of catching a 1 foot long tilapia only to have it slip through your hook after a 2 hour bait?