The philosophy of Ibanga

Born from the philosophy that once someone travels, their mind expands and can never return to its original dimensions.  A cosy nest, where travellers find rest and recuperation between their adventures.

Ibanga is a quaint and charming boutique hotel , perfectly situated at the heart of Bunyaruguru, within walking distance to crater lakes, driving distance to Queen Elizabeth National Park (10 km away) 50km distance to the Rwenzori Ranges.

Sitting on 2 acres, Ibanga was designed to create a gentle interplay between the garden and the cottages. A oneness with the environment. Every plant, every flower, every tree has been curated to create a quiet and serene space. The garden attracts a vibrant assortment of birds that sing their endless songs. Together with the gentle breeze of wind on bamboo shoots the gardens hum with the music of nature.

Ibanga embraces the element of surprise, like the meaning behind its name. From the light and airy lounge where spaces are accentuated by contemporary and rustic furniture where one finds nuggets of history. The property sits on 2 acres and is a mix of cottage accommodation and luxurious chilling spaces, unique décor pieces that give every space a warm and homey feel.

Our menu is crafted meticulously to  create a sumptuous meal, with consideration for all dietary requirements. Our chef  makes sure every meal is prepared with enjoyment while our house keeping staff are dedicated to delivering a quality and safe environment for you to chill.